Pivot Point is available to clients across the country.  Most coaching & consulting sessions take place over the phone or through email.  We are also available via Skype.


Kate, Founder; (CPCCBC, CCC)

Kate is a Certified Business and Career Coach, who professionally is driven by focusing on small business start-up, small business growth and development, as well as career coaching for those just starting out or those looking for a career change, including military members who are working to transition back to civilian jobs.

Personally, her passions include traveling, immersing herself in different cultures, being very active in the outdoors - with hiking, biking and windsurfing at the top of the list.

She likes to work with each client personally to get a full understanding of their needs, in order to offer customized solutions and plans.

Client testimonials:

I started having career coaching sessions with Kate after I had become unhappy and stressed at work. I was feeling under appreciated and under compensated. Kate helped me negotiate my contract with my current employer in a way that both advocated for my needs and preserved my professionalism. She also helped me get my CV in order, feel more secure in my abilities, and provided me with interview techniques. Working with Kate was such a positive and liberating experience. I never had worked with a career coach before and now I can’t imagine being without this invaluable resource. I will be able to utilize the advice and experience that Kate has given me to confidently navigate the search for new job opportunities. The investment in her skill set is totally worth finding a job that you can feel good about.
— Sarah D.
I met Kate at a networking event and was immediately impressed with her. I shared with her about my community-based initiatives and she listened and asked thoughtful, insightful questions. I took her up on her offer to meet with her later to get coaching guidance for an upcoming presentation. In our short time together, she provided me with a fresh way to think about my initiatives and how best to structure my presentation for optimal engagement and comprehension. Kate is smart, creative, and passionate about helping others succeed, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. I highly recommend her.
— Erin F.
Kate provided me the space that I needed in order to gather, analyze and release the random thoughts that I had before our coaching sessions. This enabled me to enter into our coaching sessions free and able to discuss what I wanted our sessions to be about. Kate also is amazing at what she does, in that she can sum up in just a few words what has taken me several sentences (and even paragraphs) to convey. I am able to be my complete self with her, and she is supportive and validates what my concerns are. Kate is very honest and I can trust that her honesty is a genuine attempt to produce excellence in me.
— Keisha B.
Kate is genuine and honest with her feedback, and is driven to stick with it until it’s perfect. She helped me fine-tune my resume, and looking over my resume now I am very happy with the finished product and more confident. The first batch of suggestions were tailored to my field, and better yet, my personality. She continued to review updates until it was ready to ship out, and was genuinely dedicated to helping me get my best skills and applicable experience in writing. And if I want to develop my resume as time goes on I know the door is open because Kate is extremely friendly and personable.
— Stephanie F.
I had a lot more confidence going into the meeting knowing what I wanted to share.
— Nicole B.