Resume writing quick tips

As someone who has done hiring at companies, I can tell you, most people do not read a resume.  They scan it, and not for more than 30 seconds.  And a lot of times these days, resumes only get scanned through a machine for keywords.  So a couple of quick tips to help your resume stand out: 

-       Buzzwords: get rid of the buzzwords such as “driven”, “motivated”, “team player”, etc.  If someone is reading your resume, those words are seen so many times, they turn people off almost immediately (at least they do for me).

-       Keywords: different than buzzwords, these should be industry-specific (or even as granular as job specific). So do your homework on where you are applying, and what’s important in their next hire. By all means, don’t lie if you don’t have certain traits or skills, but figure out how your skills map to what the keywords in that job/industry would be.

-       Have one solid base resume, and then make sure you are creating a unique version for each company/job you are applying for.  You want to make each version as specific to the industry/job as you can.

 Tune in to the future articles in this series that will dive deeper into “What if I don’t have experience”, “Specifics on getting specific”, “Beefing up my current resume”, “Hiring process time tables”, and the biggest make or break to getting an interview – “Cover letters”.