The Importance of web strategy

These days, you can hardly do anything on the web without an influence of Social Media. "Like this page", "connect with this person or company", "Share this", Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, etc - it can be overwhelming. With the web completely inundated with this vast number of possibilities, it's hard to distinguish what's important or not, what is successful with social media or not, and if social media is even an effective means of growing your business. There are mixed reviews on that last point, but ask yourself this:

     - If this many people buy into it, doesn't it have to be effective to some extent?

The answer in short, is yes - social media can be an effective means of growing your business. But how? The answer for that question is not so short and easy. There is no single answer; no black and white solution. It all depends on your business, your objectives, your market, and a few other variables. This is why a social media strategy becomes so important for businesses.

 An effective social media strategy is also coupled with a content strategy. It is built around the different social media channels that make sense for your business goals, what your content includes, your network, your extended network, and so on. 

 The bottom line however, is that with as many people as there are out on social media, a business is missing an opportunity by not leveraging these audiences. But for your business, you want to make sure you are doing it correctly and effectively, and not just adding to the noise.  The KateG Group offers social media strategy development for businesses of all sizes.