New Year, New You

The end of each year is a natural time for reflection.  For a fresh start. And where many people make resolutions to improve themselves in the new year.  Most people know what they want to do.  Some even know how to go about doing it.  But so many people don't stick to their resolutions.  Why?  Well for one, most people don't have a good plan in place.  And even with a plan, most resolutions that fail are because there is no level of accountability.

A good plan and accountability also need to have milestones to track against.  This is a measurable way to reflect back throughout the entire year - are you where you wanted to be by April, by July, etc? - so that you aren't stuck at the end of the year reflecting on (and being discouraged by) what didn't get accomplished. Another important piece of successful change is in having someone to be accountable to.  It's amazing how much more effective it is to tell someone else - a friend, a loved one, a partner, a coach - your goal and have them help hold you to it.  Your accountability partner can help motivate you in ways that is often times hard to do yourself.

This is the same reason people hire personal trainers at the gym. It's not just about the exercise and eating right - which we all know are the ways to lose weight and become healthier - it's about having someone to motivate you to do so.  To challenge you, to give you ideas for keeping your workout or meals fresh and interesting, and most importantly to have someone to be accountable to.  

A coach (whether it be a life coach, a career coach, or someone to help with your business) provides that same "personal training" benefit as a trainer at the gym.  Change and improvement are hard work.  And they are a continual process.  One that is easy to veer off of, or lose motivation for.  Want to quit smoking?: Ok, what's your first step?  How motivated are you?  What will keep you from smoking again?  Are you unhappy in your job and is your resolution to change careers this year?: Have you done an assessment about what career would be a better fit for you? What is your goal date to have a new job by?  What steps do you need to take to accomplish this goal?

You can see that it's not just an easy one and done to make change in your life.  And life sometimes gets in the way to steer you off course.  A coach can help you realize your resolutions, come up with a plan to accomplish them, and help hold you on that roadmap through every step of the way.  Make 2015 about the changes you want to see in your life.