Employee Engagement & Company Culture

When you think of "employee engagement", and "company culture", what comes to mind?  Do you think of large corporations?  Regardless of the size of your organization, every company has a culture.  And that culture has a direct impact with your employees and how engaged and productive they are. Engagement basically equates to how emotionally invested your employees are in your company.

Just a couple of reasons to care about your company culture and how it relates to engagement:

  • Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity.   (Source: Workplace Research Foundation)
  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than non-engaged counterparts.  (Source: Dailyinfographic.com)

"Company Culture" is a buzzword that has gained a lot of momentum the last several years, especially in the tech world, as companies such as Apple, Google and Pixar have publicized the great efforts they have gone to for keeping their employees happy.  (Efforts such as free meals, massages, cubicle decorating budgets.)  And don't get me wrong - all those perks definitely keep employees engaged and dedicated to those companies.  However, company culture doesn't have to be as extreme as that either. Your company's culture is large in part a reflection of your company personality.  And many times it is defined by the personalities of your employees.  That culture is an important thing to embrace and nurture, to ensure you are attracting and retaining quality and happy employees.  This can be done in many small ways (as well as large ones such as massages).

Every company is different, and so your approach will certainly be unique.  There are some (maybe) common sense, simple things that can make a big difference: employee recognition and appreciation, having open communication and allowing your employee's voices and ideas to be heard, etc. But it's important to spend some time reflecting on what kind of culture you want to grow, and how to get there. Start the process by simply talking to your employees, sending surveys - taking the internal temperature of how satisfied they are, what they would like to see differently.  And truly listen to the answers.  Then make a plan for implementing any of the ideas that resonate.  And if there are suggestions that don't ring true - make sure to let your employees know why you aren't incorporating those suggestions.  These are very low hanging fruit, cost-effective methods of building a great culture, that will put you well on your way.

(Still don't know where to start, or don't have the time to invest in creating your culture and engagement strategy? We can certainly help with this for you.  Give us a call.)