The business side of business

There are a lot of small business owners out there who aren't great at running their business.  They are very talented in the service or skill they provide, or have a great product, which is why they were able to go into business for themselves in the first place.  But running a business takes a 360 degree skill set.  This includes - good customer service/account management, budgeting/cashflow, managing finances (invoices, payments, etc), business operations, making hiring decisions, managing and being a good leader to employees, new business development, marketing, and after all of that, good time management and finding a work/life balance.

I think a lot of times, it's the business side of owning a business that causes small businesses to fail.  So what do you do? 

Unless you're a lawyer, you would hire one to handle any legal issues, as that is their area of expertise.  So why not consider hiring a business consultant, who specializes in the business side of business.  A consultant can bring their expertise in many areas, which is what they do best, and will allow you to focus on what you do best.