Did you know that roughly 70% of US employees are not engaged at work?  Better engagement means increased productivity, lower turnover rates, more creativity, and an overall happier place to work (for everyone).  Strong employee engagement is rooted in a good company culture. 

We're not just talking about ping-pong tables and free coffee.  We believe that the long-term success for an agency is built on the foundation of a intentional organizational culture.

This assessment will help you objectively determine if there are improvements that could be made to strengthen your agency as a whole. The assessment is a simple ‘yes or no’ scenario, and should take an average of 7 minutes to fill out.

Following completion, your results will be sent within one business day, and will contain actionable items that you can implement right away.  If you’d like to discuss your results with us, we offer a free, 1-hour consultation.  We wish you luck!