Coaching vs consulting

It's not always clear what the difference is between coaching and consulting.  While both are beneficial to individuals and businesses, each take a slightly different approach.

Coaching = guiding

Consulting = doing

Coaching means, you do the work.  We just help you get there. Coaching is about setting goals, and creating a plan for you to reach those goals.

Some examples include: finding work/life balance, time management, developing leadership skills, formulating a business plan, support in launching your business, discovering your career path, resume writing, interview prep.

Consulting:  As a small business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats and fill in a lot of roles yourself.  And it's hard to do everything well, while also looking at the bigger picture.  We can help with both.  We help you recognize and fill in the gaps needed to get your organization to be a smooth running machine.

Some examples include: business strategy and planning, marketing and social media strategies, hiring and employee on-boarding, best business practices, creating a business plan, project management, company culture analysis and strategy.

Why do I need both coaching and consulting?

Because most things in life, and especially in business, are not so black and white.  Sometimes you need help finding your own way, and sometimes you just need the answers delivered.  We take this integrated approach to best suit our clients' needs.