For businesses, it's not always clear what the difference is between coaching and consulting.  Both are beneficial to businesses and business owners, and it isn't always black and white. Sometimes you need help finding your own way, and sometimes you just need the answers delivered.  We take a fully integrated approach, offering customized solutions to best suit our clients' needs. Some examples of what we help our clients with:

  • Formulating a business plan: This is a very collaborative exercise guiding you through each step of the business plan process.
  • Support in launching a business: You don't know what you don't know.  It's helpful to have an outside person who knows the ropes, can help identify the missing gaps, and help you get your business up and running. (Also, it doesn't hurt to have some support when things get really hard!)
  • Marketing: Your business is only as successful as you make it. Most business owners though don't know how to get their product or services out in front of consumers.  We help with marketing strategies and execution; specializing in digital strategies (including your website and social media).
  • Social Media packages: Custom content creation - photography with an option for caption writing, plus social brand guidelines on how to best use this content in your various channels. 
  • Hiring & employee on-boarding: Don't have time to screen resume's and applicants, but can't afford an outside recruiting firm?
  • Leadership development: Build better leadership skills in yourself and your managers, to help retain top employees. 
  • Employee engagement & company culture: Analysis and strategy to ensure your business is the place top talent wants to be.
  • Performance management:  Establishing and executing on an effective employee review process.
  • Project management: Extra help executing on projects or initiatives from someone who specializes in getting things done.
  • Time management: You're busier than you've ever been.  Let's work on making you effective and efficient.
  • Finding work/life balance:  Your job is to drive the business forward but you can't pour from an empty cup. We work on finding better balance in life so you can continue to be effective and successful.

Businesses we've worked with: